What is it like to run?

If you are not a runner, but you are reading this, then maybe you are thinking of becoming a runner, so here is what it is like to run. 

You get your gear on. This is the hardest part. Once you (ladies) have struggled putting on a sports bra the worst is over and now you may as well go for a run anyway!

Changing from walking to running – this is a mental effort, I have to take a deep breath and sort of do a springy hop/skip type movement that I like to think tricks my body into moving differently.

The first bit – I lied earlier this bit is worse than putting on the sports bra (but not as bad as taking it off at the end). This bit just never feels good, it takes me about 1k to get into a rhythm, to get my breathing right and when you first start out you will not run this far non stop, maybe you only run 15m before walking. Either way, this bit sucks.

The Zone – If you can get past the first bit you can get into the zone. This is the bit where it’s almost as hard to keep going as to stop, your legs, lungs and arms are in sync and just doing their thing, your brain just has to watch out for stones and people walking their dogs.

The end –  you can see it, feel it, smell it. Sometimes I just struggle on to the end checking my watch every 10 seconds to see how much closer I am to being allowed to stop. Sometimes, on really good days, I up the pace, stretch the legs, it feels good! I am a runner, all those people walking don’t know what they are missing out on!

Stopping – this is easy to do or hard, at the moment its is quite easy, but again you have to get your body to change its set up, the arms may end up on hips, or on your head and you slowly walk, taking big breaths and sweating profusely!

Running is not glamorous but it can feel so good!

22:30 min 3.54km

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