London Marathon 2019

How do you motivate yourself to run?

I watched the various race starts this morning as my motivation. I like to see the impressive athletes, who show that the human body is capable of, but I love seeing the people in fancy dress and all the people out there just doing it because! Once the mass race was on, I put on my kit and went for my run. Someone I know of was running the London Marathon but in the elite category. Just before I left the house he had done 5k in about 16 minutes. I was planning on running for 30 min, and I would have been ecstatic if I ran 5k in that time. I didn’t, but I wasn’t far off. It was a great run though, 30 minutes non stop and out and back and I explored a canal path further than I had been before. One week done, now to keep going.

30min 4.79k

I don’t run with my phone so here is an old picture I look of the route I ran this morning. I’m very lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

One thought on “London Marathon 2019

  1. Once you’ve run for a certain amount of time, you get hooked, and then you need to run. That makes it a lot easier. Other things to do include telling yourself you’re only going out for 10 minutes, 1 mile or some other small amount, or laying your kit out the night before.

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