Just did 5k non stop. Honestly wasn’t expecting to get here so soon. Either I’ve under estimated myself or I’m gonna pay for it over the next couple of days.

I learnt that although I don’t like running after eating dinner (I even waited an hour after eating an omelette). I can do it! But I’d rather run before I eat.

Had a slight panic on this run as just at the 2k mark I came across some race marshals and I thought I was about to be swept into an unexpected 10k race or be battling the wrong way through a crowd of super keen speedy runners. As it was, it was a cycling time trial. Phew!

So now I can set my first time goal. I did that 5k in 31min 12 sec. so my first challenge to myself is to 5k in less than 30min.

What challenge have you set yourself today?

What an appetising picture!

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