Intervals – First Impression

I’ve been aware of interval training for a while. But it seemed too hard, unnecessary and more importantly what if it doesn’t count towards me reaching the next level on the Nike app!!

But a friend mentioned that it really does make a difference to your running, so today I tried it.

I didn’t love it. But I didn’t hate it. It actually felt good to really run fast and strong at a pace I could do knowing that I’m allowed to stop after a minute. So I guess it was a chance for my body to practice running at that strength.

I will do it again. I wait to see whether interval training makes a big impact on a beginner like me.

One thought on “Intervals – First Impression

  1. When you’re a brand new runner, anything will help your running. But through your running life, intervals will always help your strength, speed and mental and physical resilience.


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