Before and After Pics

So normal people take a picture of themselves when they begin a fitness push with the aim of taking an after pic to see and celebrate how far they have come.

I’m taking before and after pics of new shoes!

My old running shoes had just reached the end of their life. And as this current running effort seems to be sticking I thought a good pair of shoes is a must, to help prevent injuries. I went to Alexandra Sports and they fitted me up with a new pair. If all goes to plan these are the shoes that will get me on my way to the half. But I will probably need a new pair before the event (see how optimistic I am about my mileage). Once these snazzy things have done their time I will take an after pic.

I’ve already been for a run with them, just a 3k. And they were comfy but I could feel the difference they were having.

If anyone read this much about someone’s random shoes, then thanks! Leave a comment so I can say hi? Are runners obsessed with running shoes? I think I’m about to be. Wishing I could afford a proper trail set. After the half maybe.

One thought on “Before and After Pics

  1. Yes, I’m obsessed, and you will become obsessed with your brand and style then heart-broken when they inevitably change the style one day and you don’t like them. I’m a Saucony girl but had to move from the Guides when the Guide 10 was suddenly horrible, and I experimented with Hurricanes (OK for shorter distances) before falling for Omnis. Don’t change them again, Saucony!


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