Feeling the Fitness (and getting lost in my home town)

I have managed three runs this week. One after work, one during lunch (a 5k in just 7 seconds over 30minutes) and today was my weekend long run. And I smashed it! So I must be getting fitter because 5 weeks ago I never could have run 6.6k (I only stopped running to walk up a little hill that I forgot was coming). So clearly all this running is actually having an effect on my fitness and now I can feel it. And even though I stopped when the app said to, I probably could have kept going.

I did a big loop around the town and found a great path round a new build estate that I think I will make a regular route. Only problem was that when the run ended (I did a guided 42 min run from the Nike Run Club app) I wasn’t entirely sure how to get home. So I ended up walking a long cool down route, but I did discover a whole new side of the town I have lived in for 4years. I can’t wait to go out again and find more hidden parts of the town.

Have you discovered anything on a run?

2 thoughts on “Feeling the Fitness (and getting lost in my home town)

  1. I get lost on runs quite a lot, even locally, but there’s always a road I know eventually. Well done on your progression: it’s very rewarding at this stage of one’s running journey so enjoy your new-found strength.


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