Running on Holiday

I’m going on a short holiday, just three days in Berlin, but I would like to manage one run while I’m there as I’m only just getting into the habit and a long break might snap me out of it (and to be honest the smug bragging about how dedicated I am if I go for a run on holiday is slightly tempting too). I’m going to be staying in the city centre, and I love the idea of going for a morning run and exploring the local area. When I go on holiday I like to try and get a glimpse of what it would be like to live there. I try to use public transport, eat in local restaurants, walk around and get a feel for the place, as well as hitting all the main tourist highlights.

But I’m a bit anxious about running in a new city, I don’t why, but I wonder if the locals will think I’m odd or if it’s a faux par to run on the streets. I’ve been having a nosey on google maps (isn’t it amazing what the internet has enabled us to do) and there are no parks nearby, but some other websites have suggested a route round the museums that could be interesting.

If anyone has any words of wisdom I’d love to hear it.

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