Oh Calamity! My Knees!

Just when I was getting into my running groove!

Oh Calamity!

If you’ve read Big Little Lies you’ll get it. (I highly recommend the audio book, it’s brilliant, I was hooked.)

So much for my new shoes. Been breaking them in last week and for the day after each run my knees felt odd. Not really painful but it felt like they forgot how to move correctly. Just tried to go for a short 25 minute run and I couldn’t even run for more than 3 metres. I turned around, put my old shoes on. At first my knees still felt odd but as I warmed up they felt back to normal. Was a poor run though (but I did do some hills for the first time which sucked but was also an achievement). Had a hot bath once I got home.

Is it possible I just have done too much too soon in shoes that are supposed to correct my feet and knees? Or are these shoes just completely wrong for me. Going to stick to my old ones, see how it goes, then maybe try walking in the new ones bit by bit. Also going to ring the shop tomorrow see what they think.

Oh Calamity!!

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