7k Smashed it

Had a lot to to today but first thing was my long run. I’ve been researching warm up exercises for knees so tried those before I went out (still in my old shoes). My knees still complained to start with but they settled down much quicker.

I was doing the 42 minute next long run guided run on the Nike app, but when it ended I extended it until I reached 7.1. Could have done more but given everything else I needed to do today and my dodgy knee I stopped it there. Felt good, and I ran up the hill that last time I had to walk up. Never mind that once I got to the top I then walked for 20 metres to allow my breathing to settle.

Again I was reminded how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. My long run takes me round the new build estate just outside town and they have built some ponds there, a heron watched me sweat and stagger by. Swallows were swooping around and a cat walked right in front of me, sat down and glared at me so I had to run around it. I also got chased by a dog for a bit; little yappy thing.

A 10k feels like it is achievable now. And 7.1 k is about a third of a half marathon! Easy right?

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