Other runners, are awesome

I love seeing other runners out on my runs.

Some are super fit people who have probably already done a few miles and haven’t even broken a sweat and are galloping along like it’s the easiest thing in the world. (And I think to myself, one day that will be me.)

Others can be someone who is going on their very first run and they are feeling self conscious, and hot and bothered and already regretting it and thinking they will go home and not run again (but I hope they do go again).

Then there are some like the lady I saw today. She was running the opposite direction, looked like she was doing alright, slow and steady like me. We did the runners nod, (head raise, meaningful eyebrows that means “aren’t we a couple of crazies”). Then a bit later I saw her again. This time I was going down a gentle but long hill and she was coming up. I was impressed. We did the runners nod again but once I passed her I was spurred on. I was doing a 50 min guided run and I really wanted to get to 8km but it wasn’t going to happen, so I decided to extend my run and do more than 8.1 which I knew was my all time record. So thank you other running lady!

One thought on “Other runners, are awesome

  1. Hooray for other running lady, that’s great. I’ve been doing it so long and am so woven into my running community that it’s rare I don’t see someone else I know out and about, which is lovely (today a lad we knew while we were all dodging some geese!). Well done on your extra distance!

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