22k in a week, how do I drink, and chaffing. I’m a runner.

Finally made it over 22k in one week. Did another lunch time 5k on Monday, it has been very hot here so I took a bottle of water with me and tried to drink a bit while running. Ended up having to stop while I choked it all up. So that added a bit of time.

Went for 7k after school on Wednesday, waited for it to cool down but it was still pretty hot. Tried the water bottle again and even once I’d finished the run and was walking home I still managed to choke on it.

Did a 10k today, new PB! (I’ve only ran it twice but it counts!). Managed not to choke on water because I just waited till I had to cross a road and had an excuse to stand still.

Is there a skill to this?

Also have had my first chaffing incident. It’s been so hot hear I’ve dug out the shorts, but they ride up and my thighs chafe. So have ordered shorts with in built cycling shorts to hope that helps.

Feel like a runner!

2 thoughts on “22k in a week, how do I drink, and chaffing. I’m a runner.

  1. Bodyglide is your friend for the chafing. And yes, it’s a skill you have to learn and once you’ve done that it’s drinking out of cups at races and getting gels etc down you while running. Skill after skill!


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