Oh Calamity! My Knees!

Just when I was getting into my running groove!

Oh Calamity!

If you’ve read Big Little Lies you’ll get it. (I highly recommend the audio book, it’s brilliant, I was hooked.)

So much for my new shoes. Been breaking them in last week and for the day after each run my knees felt odd. Not really painful but it felt like they forgot how to move correctly. Just tried to go for a short 25 minute run and I couldn’t even run for more than 3 metres. I turned around, put my old shoes on. At first my knees still felt odd but as I warmed up they felt back to normal. Was a poor run though (but I did do some hills for the first time which sucked but was also an achievement). Had a hot bath once I got home.

Is it possible I just have done too much too soon in shoes that are supposed to correct my feet and knees? Or are these shoes just completely wrong for me. Going to stick to my old ones, see how it goes, then maybe try walking in the new ones bit by bit. Also going to ring the shop tomorrow see what they think.

Oh Calamity!!

Running on Holiday

I’m going on a short holiday, just three days in Berlin, but I would like to manage one run while I’m there as I’m only just getting into the habit and a long break might snap me out of it (and to be honest the smug bragging about how dedicated I am if I go for a run on holiday is slightly tempting too). I’m going to be staying in the city centre, and I love the idea of going for a morning run and exploring the local area. When I go on holiday I like to try and get a glimpse of what it would be like to live there. I try to use public transport, eat in local restaurants, walk around and get a feel for the place, as well as hitting all the main tourist highlights.

But I’m a bit anxious about running in a new city, I don’t why, but I wonder if the locals will think I’m odd or if it’s a faux par to run on the streets. I’ve been having a nosey on google maps (isn’t it amazing what the internet has enabled us to do) and there are no parks nearby, but some other websites have suggested a route round the museums that could be interesting.

If anyone has any words of wisdom I’d love to hear it.

Feeling the Fitness (and getting lost in my home town)

I have managed three runs this week. One after work, one during lunch (a 5k in just 7 seconds over 30minutes) and today was my weekend long run. And I smashed it! So I must be getting fitter because 5 weeks ago I never could have run 6.6k (I only stopped running to walk up a little hill that I forgot was coming). So clearly all this running is actually having an effect on my fitness and now I can feel it. And even though I stopped when the app said to, I probably could have kept going.

I did a big loop around the town and found a great path round a new build estate that I think I will make a regular route. Only problem was that when the run ended (I did a guided 42 min run from the Nike Run Club app) I wasn’t entirely sure how to get home. So I ended up walking a long cool down route, but I did discover a whole new side of the town I have lived in for 4years. I can’t wait to go out again and find more hidden parts of the town.

Have you discovered anything on a run?

Before and After Pics

So normal people take a picture of themselves when they begin a fitness push with the aim of taking an after pic to see and celebrate how far they have come.

I’m taking before and after pics of new shoes!

My old running shoes had just reached the end of their life. And as this current running effort seems to be sticking I thought a good pair of shoes is a must, to help prevent injuries. I went to Alexandra Sports and they fitted me up with a new pair. If all goes to plan these are the shoes that will get me on my way to the half. But I will probably need a new pair before the event (see how optimistic I am about my mileage). Once these snazzy things have done their time I will take an after pic.

I’ve already been for a run with them, just a 3k. And they were comfy but I could feel the difference they were having.

If anyone read this much about someone’s random shoes, then thanks! Leave a comment so I can say hi? Are runners obsessed with running shoes? I think I’m about to be. Wishing I could afford a proper trail set. After the half maybe.

Hell YEAH! A great long run today.

Sundays are going to be my long run days and I had a few things to do today so I went first thing in the morning (well second, as I had a coffee of course). And it was awesome, I kept my pace slow so that I could run non stop (which I did!) and I very quickly got into my stride. I saw no one else until the very end and the Sun shone and I got damp shins from the dew. It was glorious.

Although I maybe getting ahead of myself, I’m trying to find some mantras to recite to myself when the distances really rack up. One that came up on the Nike Coach Run today was “Run with the Run”. I quite like that so will use for a while .

This was one of those runs where it all just worked! Looking forward to my next long one.

Running Motivation or Discipline

So, if you spend 2 minutes trying to research how to get motivated, you will quickly come across people saying that you can’t rely on motivation, you have to be disciplined. And I guess that’s true, but I don’t think that this means you shouldn’t try and be motivated. Discipline, means you go for a run when you had planned to, never-mind that your day at work was more tiring than usual, or the commute took longer, you just go. Motivation, means you have a reason to go running when it’s cold, wet, too hot, you’re too tired. It also means you have a long term goal and you use that too balance everything. If making yourself go for a run today would be damaging to your goal or to your health (physical or mental), then go tomorrow.

So be disciplined, but use your motivation.


So I have signed up for the Bath Half Marathon 2020!! Now I have a commitment which makes it easier for me to keep going. I signed up when I got back from work and then went for a 5k. It wasn’t a great run, but knowing that I have to build up my miles kept me going.

Where I live there is a cat that often sits on a bridge over the canal where I run. I call her Bridge Cat. Today she was there as I finished and I gave her head skritches as my reward! I’ll have to take a picture of her next time I get chance, she is a local celebrity!