A Hot Run

It’s been two weeks, so this morning I got out there. Unfortunately it’s the hottest day of the year so far here. We also had amazing lightning over night and its was the freakiest thing I’ve seen. Even though I’ve lived abroad in areas with regular huge thunder stores, this was something else so I was up for about an hour in the middle of the night just watching it.

Did just over 5k stopping to sip water pretty regularly and check my knees were behaving.

On Monday my cross training was paddle boarding and I loved it. Just loved being on the water again! I can’t wait to go again this summer.

Wanting to run everywhere

First off, I haven’t been on a run in nearly two weeks. My knees were complaining so I rested, then it was the last week of term and I was just dragging myself through each day to the end. People are visiting this weekend so the training starts on Monday, and this time, it’s serious!

Meanwhile though I’ve been planning my summer, and while showing our guests round or going to events I just keep thinking I must come back here for a run. Everywhere I go I’m instinctively looking for trails and paths, places to park up, looking the incline. Can’t wait to get out there.

However my exercise tomorrow is paddle boarding. Never been before but on a whim I’ve booked a taster session. That counts as a cross training session doesn’t it?

22k in a week, how do I drink, and chaffing. I’m a runner.

Finally made it over 22k in one week. Did another lunch time 5k on Monday, it has been very hot here so I took a bottle of water with me and tried to drink a bit while running. Ended up having to stop while I choked it all up. So that added a bit of time.

Went for 7k after school on Wednesday, waited for it to cool down but it was still pretty hot. Tried the water bottle again and even once I’d finished the run and was walking home I still managed to choke on it.

Did a 10k today, new PB! (I’ve only ran it twice but it counts!). Managed not to choke on water because I just waited till I had to cross a road and had an excuse to stand still.

Is there a skill to this?

Also have had my first chaffing incident. It’s been so hot hear I’ve dug out the shorts, but they ride up and my thighs chafe. So have ordered shorts with in built cycling shorts to hope that helps.

Feel like a runner!

First ever 10k

I did it! I had a week off because of a cold, I did try and go for a run but I couldn’t breath so I backed out. Carried on this week, went for a run at lunch time on Monday, a swim on Tuesday before work (at 6:15 am!) and another run after work on Wednesday. Then had Thursday and Friday off. Meant to go for a long run on Saturday but had to postpone till today and I just woke up with the mindset of doing a 10k. So I did! And it felt awesome. I didn’t run 100% of it. But probably 95%! And in just under 1hour ten. So not too shabby for a first go. Definitely back at it again, and loving it.

Other runners, are awesome

I love seeing other runners out on my runs.

Some are super fit people who have probably already done a few miles and haven’t even broken a sweat and are galloping along like it’s the easiest thing in the world. (And I think to myself, one day that will be me.)

Others can be someone who is going on their very first run and they are feeling self conscious, and hot and bothered and already regretting it and thinking they will go home and not run again (but I hope they do go again).

Then there are some like the lady I saw today. She was running the opposite direction, looked like she was doing alright, slow and steady like me. We did the runners nod, (head raise, meaningful eyebrows that means “aren’t we a couple of crazies”). Then a bit later I saw her again. This time I was going down a gentle but long hill and she was coming up. I was impressed. We did the runners nod again but once I passed her I was spurred on. I was doing a 50 min guided run and I really wanted to get to 8km but it wasn’t going to happen, so I decided to extend my run and do more than 8.1 which I knew was my all time record. So thank you other running lady!

7k Smashed it

Had a lot to to today but first thing was my long run. I’ve been researching warm up exercises for knees so tried those before I went out (still in my old shoes). My knees still complained to start with but they settled down much quicker.

I was doing the 42 minute next long run guided run on the Nike app, but when it ended I extended it until I reached 7.1. Could have done more but given everything else I needed to do today and my dodgy knee I stopped it there. Felt good, and I ran up the hill that last time I had to walk up. Never mind that once I got to the top I then walked for 20 metres to allow my breathing to settle.

Again I was reminded how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful place. My long run takes me round the new build estate just outside town and they have built some ponds there, a heron watched me sweat and stagger by. Swallows were swooping around and a cat walked right in front of me, sat down and glared at me so I had to run around it. I also got chased by a dog for a bit; little yappy thing.

A 10k feels like it is achievable now. And 7.1 k is about a third of a half marathon! Easy right?